What is ISP?

Hello friends, today I will tell you what is ISP. So in today’s time no one can live without internet. So you will know that you can use any website to visit or youtube, facebook, whatsapp, or other services using the internet. ISP actually provides you service of internet.

The need for ISPs has increased everywhere. Due to which the internet has started running in more places. Because users have increased a lot. India has also made progress in running the internet for the last few years. Ever since jio stepped into the market in 2016, internet users have grown a lot since then. And the ISP has also extended its service to a great extent. So let’s first come to our topic.

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If you want to know about ISP in detail then you will read this blog post till the last. So let’s start.

What is Internet Service Provider

I tell you that the Internet Service Provider is called ISP. As you know from its name, ISP companies provide services to the internet.

The ISP company first creates the user id and password of its users for its users so that it can access the internet. The ISP company also charges you money to provide internet service. And the money depends on your usage, how much internet you use. According to that, you are charged money. There are different ISP companies everywhere in the world. There are many ISP companies in India too, some of them are BSNL, MTNL, AIRTEL, RALIANCE, JIO, TATA COMMUNICATION etc.

ISP which provides internet to you usually includes services like internet access, internet transit, domain name registration etc. In today’s time, ISP provides 3 types of internet connection. I will tell you about them in detail.

Types of ISP

As I told you that there are 3 types of internet connections.


Dial-Up Connection

This way internet connection modem and telephone lines are used to connect to the internet. In this connection, you first have to dial a number that your ISP gives you, only then you are able to connect to the internet.

In dial-up connection you get a slow connection whose data transmission rate is above 56kbps. And its also blocks your telephone lines. Like suppose you are using internet and only then you get a call. So you can use internet or call one service at a time. But this is the most low-cost internet connection.

Wired Broadband Connection

This type of connection uses broad band of frequencies to transmit data. This connection provides you with a fast-speed internet connection. As you know from its name, it is wired, ie it uses wire. We can get Wired Broadband Connection in 2 ways.

Cable Tv Network:

It uses cable tv line and cable modem to provide broadband internet service. In this, you get speeds from 512kbps to 20mbps, which is very good and fast speed. The cables that are in it come out of the local cable operator to your home. This service is good because in this you get very good speed. Because in this you get fast speed, so you will have to pay a bit more for this.


DSL means Digital Subscriber Line. This type of connection uses ordinary telephone lines modem to connect to the internet. This is completely different from the dial up connection because you can talk on the call as well as the internet. And only single wire is used in it. In this, voice transmission is in low frequency and data transmission is in high frequency. In this, you get speeds from 128kbps to 8mbps.

Wireless Broadband Connection

Friends wireless technology uses radio and microwaves to transmit data. You do not get any wire in the wireless technology. In this, 3 things are included. Satellite, Wi-Fi, WiMax.

Which ISP to use

Now friends, you must have known what an ISP is, but now there will be a question in your mind that which service of the ISP will be good. Because ISP is very much from India. So if you follow me then you should ask your friends or neighbors. Because different internet speeds are found everywhere. By the way, the fastest network in India is airtel and it is also an ISP. So you can use their broadband or their internet service. If I tell you mine, I use airtel because airtel runs well in my area. But it is also the case that airtel does not work well anywhere. So you have to decide which ISP is right for you.


So friends, hope that you have understood from Internet Service Provider in Hindi what ISP is and which service provides it to us. ISP is very important for us at today’s time, because of these we get to use internet. And it is your job to select a good Internet Service Provider because you can understand better which ISP will be right in your area. If you have to run only whatsapp or facebook then you can take a cheap and low speed connection but if you download online videos and online games or movies or software then you must take a high speed connection.

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