How to talk to girls and what to do?

How to talk to girls and what to do When you move forward to talk to any girl, then take care of one thing that never ask questions. Remember, never ask questions. How to talk to girls

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Whenever you start talking, never interview him, if you are stuck in this then it is very difficult to get out. Think about how many people ask him this question, where are you from? What does it do? Which school did you go to? Which college do you study in? How many people would have asked him this question, thousands of times and almost every boy.

You do not have to ask these questions, it does not mean that you do not ask any questions.

There is a way to ask these questions, like to know where she is from, then to say that you look like South India, whether you are right or wrong, that girl will definitely tell you where she is from, and maybe Go further later when they ask how did you like it. You too can take things forward, it reminds me of an old friend who was from South India. In this way it will be proved that you are also your friend and she will also start taking interest in you. It is not a rule but when you do this, it is better than you to ask her a direct question from where she is from.

So what people talk about, there are four types of conversation –

  • Which is happening in the world – politics, cinema, songs, news etc.
  • Which is happening in your knowledgeable people – stories of friends, marriage, affairs, etc.
  • What is happening with you – what are you doing, where are you busy, your experiences etc.
  • Things you love or hate – your pets, books, stories, friends, enemies etc.

I do not give two types of talks first, because those things can only be small, you cannot have a long discussion on those topics. How much you can talk about any cinema, these things are over in a short time.

Both of the latter types of conversations are good and you can talk on these topics for any length of time.

Your partner should also like this, these are the things that both of you should do.

I feel that when I want to make such a connection or relationship, then I will openly discuss any subject which I like. I will talk about my work and I will talk about how happy I get, I will talk about how much I like to ride a bicycle. I will talk about water, rain, rivers, boats, mountains and will express what I like, what my experiences are. In this way, when you talk to someone, tell them about yourself. The way I told you what I will talk, you should also write, decide what you will talk, prepare for it and talk openly.

When people talk about themselves, others consider them trustworthy.

Did you notice how all these topics are related to him in some way, you can know from him what his talent is, what he is unique and talented in, where he roams, where he likes to go. What are his concerns, what are his hopes, what are his plans, how many of these things can happen. What did you notice that these things mean something to me and to him, it is not the same thing that started and ended, you can talk across these and night and day.

If I talk to an ordinary girl about cars, or English cinema, or rock music, she will get bored, but if I say that my father had a Fiat car and we roamed a lot, that car would be my brother. Taken and we roamed in the rain all day, so I like this type of hole very much, or I did not watch English cinema because my English was weak, then I went to Poona in college hostel and there was no other cinema there. Then he felt good ascendant and got used to it. Which of these two things is more good, just talking about a car or a cinema, or by connecting yourself to it.

By talking, the goal is to make a connection, to make a connection, if you will talk like I am telling you, then you can make a relationship with any girl or boy.

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