12 Ways to Be a Good Lover.

Love starts with attraction, but when this attraction deepens into a passion, becomes an attachment, becomes a stop, then it is called love. what is love? And how does love happen? I have already told this in an article. Today I am going to talk about how to be a good lover? What qualities should a good lover have?

Today’s relationships are breaking as fast as possible. And the reason is that people do not know the real meaning of love. Nowadays, love for people has remained just a physical relationship. Because of which the dignity, purity and depth of the word love is being lost.

It is easy to fall in love with someone, but it is not easy to maintain it. When mutual understanding in love, caring for each other, respecting each other, truth, honesty is over, then that love ceases to exist and that relationship ends very quickly.

Today I am coming up with some tips for boys that boys can deepen their love by reading, keep their girlfriend always happy, bring them closer to them, increase their respect in the eyes of their girlfriend. , And can make themselves a good lover and a better person.

1. Be Honest / Be Faithful.

These qualities are rarely seen in today’s relationships. Being honest will not only strengthen your relationship but will also increase your respect in the eyes of your girlfriend. always tell the truth. Do not hide anything in your relationship. Never say a lie, no matter what happens.

Keep in mind that to hide one lie you have to lie a hundred. Have a relationship with only one girl at a time. Do not put your girlfriend in any kind of shock. If you are hiding anything from him today, then tomorrow, the same thing will become very big and destroy your relationship. So whatever the matter, whatever the doubt, whatever the problem may be, talk openly with your girlfriend. Whatever you say, tell it with truth.

By doing this, she will feel a sense of belongingness, and secondly she will understand you and if there is any smile or problem, then she will help you in getting out of it and solving it. Remember, when you are honest with your girlfriend, you will be loyal only then you can win her heart, only then you can find her love. And then she will be equally honest and loyal to you and only then will your relationship become deeper and stronger.

2. Trust / Do not doubt.

The foundation of any relationship rests on trust, trust only on mutual trust. There is a trust that makes any relationship important and important and keeps them firmly tied to each other. If you do not trust your girlfriend, or do not believe her or doubt her, then it will make the foundation of your relationship hollow and your relationship will break very quickly.

If you doubt him without any reason or only with your mind, then this thing will hurt his heart and will make you fall in his eyes. If you have any doubt or have any problem or have come to know about it, then talk to him and clear your doubts and try to solve your problem. Do not doubt him without talking. Otherwise you will spoil your image in the eyes of him and weaken the relationship too.

3. Do not boast / give equal importance to him

If you are a boy and a man, it does not mean that you should be in your ego and be in your pride. Or consider your girlfriend underestimate. There is no small grown up in a relationship of love. Never think in your mind that girls cannot do anything, or the work that you can do, girls cannot do or girls are inferior to boys in any case.

Do not make your girlfriend feel girls or weak or inferior to you. Rather, give him equal importance in everything, in everything. Honor her, her thinking, her dreams. Give him importance in your life. If she advises you, uses your intelligence or discretion, then do not ignore her because of your importance. Rather listen to his words carefully and calmly and pay full attention.

4. Care for him.

Care about your girlfriend Worry about that Take his news at least once a day. What did he do throughout the day? Ask him this. If she is going or traveling, keep talking to her in between, keep asking her where she has reached. He ate or did not eat. What to eat if eaten? If not, why not eat? Ask all this daily.

If he is ill, then take care of him. If you can’t even meet him, make him feel on the phone that you are with him. Asking him about his day-to-day work, asking about food, asking about his health will make him feel connected. She will be happy that you care for her, love her and she will start loving you more than ever.

5. Honor her, her dreams, her thoughts. 

Honor your girlfriend. Respect her thinking, her dreams. Always talk to him lovingly and tahjib. Never underestimate him. If she wants to do something in her life, do not stop her. Let him do whatever he wants. Help him fulfill his dreams.

If he is better than you in anything, in anything, in some work, do not envy him, rather admire him and encourage him. Help him build his career, help him progress in his life, make him his own identity.

6. Do not impose restrictions on him, let him live his life.

You cannot keep someone happy by imposing restrictions on him. Let your girlfriend live the life she wants. Let her do the way she wants to enjoy her life. Do not interfere in his happiness. Do not force him to do any work or not to do it. If she talks to her friends then let her do it.

If she goes to fumigation with her friends, goes to eat food, goes to watch movie, then let go. What’s wrong with this? Do not impose restrictions on talking to or meeting someone. Give him some space. It did not stop him from drinking, eating, wearing anything, going to somewhere, reading, working, advancing his career, or doing any work of his choice. Let him do the work he finds happiness in.

If you feel that some work or something is not right or wrong for him or both of you, do not quarrel or refuse him, rather explain to him lovingly what is right for him and you. What else is wrong? Keep in mind that if you let her live her life then she will be happy and will give you a lot of love. But if you start putting restrictions on her, then she will start shying away from you or your mind will continue to get upset, sad.

7. Understand your girlfriend, her life. 

Try to understand your girlfriend, her life. What does she like What does she not like? Try to know this. Who is in his family and what does he do? Who are his friends and what do they do? What are his dreams of life? What does she want to do in life? What does she want to be in life? How does he like to live his life? What does she want from you What does she want from her relationship? Try to know all these things and understand deeply. After that, do the work in which he is happy and let him do the work in which he is happy.

8. Make him realize that he is very important in your life. 

Make your girlfriend feel that she is very special in your life, very important, she has a different place in your life. Make him feel that you can do anything to make him happy. Listen to his words carefully. If she gives you any good advice, then follow it. May he always be happy and safe with you. Take care of her small happiness.

Sometimes in life, one has to make some compromises in order to make others happy, some have to give up, some sacrifices also have to be given. Sometimes do such things which you do not like, but they make them happy. Only then will you be able to win his heart. Only then your relationship will become strong. Only by giving him happiness can you find his love.

9. Be romantic / make him feel your love. 

Be a little romantic. Make him feel your love. Make a plan to hang out with him, watch a movie or have a meal in a restaurant. Make a candle light dinner plan. Go for a walk with him alone, somewhere in the park, or in a romantic place. While walking, hold his hand in your hand or walk while touching. Hold her hand while crossing the road or walking in a crowd.

Buy him a gift or something of his choice. For example, gift a rose or Teddy Bear or something written in his name or starting with the letter of his name. Whenever you meet him, praise him, his clothes, his looks. Make every meeting of yours so romantic and interesting that he will always remember it.

While hugging her, say in her ear that “You are very beautiful and I am very lucky to have you”. Give a compliment everyday in her praise. Wish him good morning every morning and good night every night. Message him by writing poetry. Tell him a romantic song. Talk Romantic on the phone. Do not do the same things every day. Try something new every day.

10. Improve your personality. 

Girls like cheerful, funny, funny, honest boys. So be a little laughing face. Be honest Keep chatting with him, doing funny activities. Always be active and exciting. Meet people openly, talk with a smile. Be friendly with people. Be involved in some social activities too. Be positive and do positive things and motivate your girlfriend as well.

Improve your hair style, your dressing sense. Exercise daily. Be punctual. Stay up to your point, stay committed. Do not be satisfied with your words. Do not make false promises. If you make a promise, keep it as well. Do not talk here or there in the air. Do not argue unnecessarily. Talk based on fact. Refine your talent Improve your communication skill. Be perfect, become a specialist in any one job.

11. Keep one goal of your life. 

You should have a goal of your life. Must be a dream. You try to improve yourself, to improve your life. Work hard to fulfill your dreams. Be able to take care of yourself, your relationships, your married and family responsibilities. Improve your skills, your qualification, your financial situations.

Be worthy that you can give your partner a better and happier moment. To provide a better, more prosperous life. And fulfill his wishes. Every girl wants her boyfriend or husband not to be left behind in the race for life. Do not remain useless or weak. And in any case be no less than anyone.

12. Do not consider girls just a ‘body’. 

For some people, the word ‘love’ means sex only and only. All their love, all their wishes are only to bring the girl to her bed. And once had sex and ended interest in the girl.

Friends, do not give love to my brothers, as lust. Let love be pure and pure. Do not look at girls whether you are your girlfriend or someone else, just from the eyes of lust. Do not look at them as a body just to satisfy your physical hunger. Do not use your girlfriend only for sex. Do not pretend to love someone for sex or make a relationship.

Even if you have true love, do not have much desire for sex. Your meetings should not be just for sex. Love not the girl’s body or her beauty, but her heart, her thoughts, her thoughts.

Friends, girls are like flowers, once broken, they will wither and fall apart. The mind of girls is very tender, delicate. They also have a heart, some desires, some desires, some dreams. Understand girls and give them true love. Make them happy Let them live freely. Do not break her dreams, her dreams just for her happiness.

Make him feel that you love his soul, not his body, but his heart. When you keep her happy, love her truely, her heart will win her trust, then she will do all her own things in your name, will loot everything on you, will love you more than you.

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